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2H is a highly-focused, profit-oriented group of diversified investors and traders with more than 12 years of experience in the equities and derivatives markets.

Our team is determined to ensure that our group is on the cutting edge of the market, being alerted on a daily basis about market news, stock movements, potential trade ideas, and risk management strategies.

We believe not just in idea sharing, but in fostering a community that works together. Through open discussion trading floors, strategy rooms, and trader lounges, we ensure that all members have a voice, and that their voices are all heard.

With trading diversity including stocks and equities, cryptocurrencies, stock options, penny stocks, and even some real-estate, 2H aims to cover every area of asset management and trading.


Exclusive Features

  • Daily Live Streams
  • PENNY STOCK Call-Outs
  • HOT Stocks Watchlist
  • Private video chat education 
  • Comprehensive brokerage assistance 
  • Complete Advance Options Strategy Guides
  • Fundamental breakdowns by REAL Economist
  • Real-Time Options Flow
  • Market-Wide Statistics
  • 24/7 Access to our full time trading staff


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